How does power create pain? Power essentially rests on one understanding: that whatever we perceive as a currency for power is finite (limited) instead of infinite (unlimited). This is how conflict is created; there must be something to fight for. In the most extreme cases, exercise of power means that life itself is perceived as limited and something we must fight for instead of something that is infinite and honored.

How is finite power manifested in the brain? It disallows neurons to fire and wire together. It disallows connection and harmony to happen. When life itself is limited, people are brought to a survival state: fight, flight, and freeze. When the brain is in a survival state, it’s actually unable to connect, attune, or think logically.

How do we empower and therefore heal people who are in a survival state? This feels impossible, but first off it takes a whole lot of good safe work with good safe people in good safe environments. We must know that this is our future. People who believe that power is finite and who are trying to survive will react to compassion, connection, love, and safety with confusion. Changing their paradigm takes patience and bi-lateral stimulation as mentioned above. The change happens in the body first, then in their thinking. They must FEEL safe, connected, and loved. Their brain will start to fire and wire in this way; then finally they will feel that power is infinite.

We cannot expect groups and communities to fight in cohesive and connected ways if we do not heal and feel first. Political action cannot happen until there is a strong base of power. Power and healing are one in the same. I believe that black lives matter, and this is why I hope to communicate a neurobiological perspective out of infinite belief in people’s ability to heal. This is how I hope to show my love.